Department of Labor’s Certificate Program

Public Sector Safety & Health Fundamentals Certificate Program


Great Lakes OSHA Education Center Certificate Program

This certificate program is available to anyone interested in furthering their practical knowledge while earning a nationally recognized safety and health credential. If you have completed OTI courses in the past, chances are you are well on your way to completing OSHA’s Public Sector Safety and Health Fundamentals Certificate Program (DOL certificate). This certificate program is supported by the Department of Labor and its curriculum consists entirely of OTI courses. Non-OTI courses are not accepted.

The certificate program is separated into two tracks: Construction and General Industry and can be completed in as little as one calendar year. Participants must successfully complete a minimum of seven courses, including three required courses totaling 39 contact hours, and four elective courses totaling 29 contact hours. OSHA courses from other authorized education centers are accepted into this program.

How to Apply

1. The first step is to complete the course work. You can track your progress by saving your OSHA course completion certificates (you will need these for your application) and reviewing the requirements of the DOL certificate at the below links.
Construction Certificate Program
General Industry Certificate Program

2. Upon completion of all required and elective OSHA courses, submit a completed Application Verification Form include copies of all course completion certificates. Completed Applications can be submitted by emailing:
Construction Application Verification Form
General Industry Application Verification Form

3. Upon verifying that all requirements have been met, the staff at the University of Cincinnati will send your application to OSHA for you at no charge. Your certificate will be printed by OSHA DOL and mailed to you by Great Lakes OSHA Education Center at The University of Cincinnati.