Replacement Cards


The Great Lakes Regional OTI Education Center offers trainers the opportunity to request replacement cards online.

If you are a trainee that holds a 10-hr or 30-hr Construction or General Industry card, please contact the outreach trainer that conducted your training to request a replacement or corrected card. They will need to fill out the below form and are responsible for requesting and distributing your replacement or corrected card. Trainees are not permitted to order replacement cards.

Trainers can request a replacement of their 500, 501, 502, or 503 trainer card. Select “Trainer (Construction)”, or “Trainer (General Industry)” as the card type.

Trainers can also request a replacement of trainee’s 10-hr or 30-hr Construction or General Industry card for a course they have taught.



$10.00 per card

Price: $10.00

Start Date: October 1, 2027
End Date: September 30, 2027

Registration Details

Please E-Mail for assistance with international registrations.

Replacement Card Form

Personal Information

Note: The information below will be used to send registration details, payment related details, course logistics, and if applicable, will used to print your certificate.

Shipping Information

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